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Are You Facing Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a frightening experience that no one should have to go through alone. I am attorney Michael E. Eisenberg, and I understand that a home has strong sentimental value for many families. However, not all foreclosures are valid. I have the knowledge and experience to help you build a defense against a wrongful foreclosure.

To schedule your free consultation at my office in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, call 267-728-4535 or 800-851-2534. I also serve clients in the Philadelphia area and throughout Montgomery County.

Finding Errors In Your Foreclosure

In the last several years, it has come to light that fraud and predatory lending are common in the real estate industry. In order to build a strong defense against a foreclosure, it is important to unearth any errors in the process or paperwork. I have more than 25 years of experience assisting homeowners with foreclosure defense. As your lawyer, some of the errors I will look for include:

  • Improperly filed notice of default
  • Illegal or unfair lending practices
  • Extremely unfair, or unconscionable, mortgage terms
  • Improperly recorded mortgage
  • Foreclosing party does not own the mortgage
  • Mortgage company has not been paying the insurance

Stalling Or Avoiding Foreclosure

There are several ways to stall or avoid a foreclosure, and I have the experience to determine which is right for you. Common techniques for stopping or stalling foreclosure include:

  • Negotiating with your lender about loan modification and other payment options
  • Filing for personal bankruptcy
  • Seeking assistance through a government program such as the Home Affordable Modification Program or Home Affordable Refinance Program

Call Now For A Free Consultation

Facing the loss of your home is a challenging time. I provide each of my clients with compassionate and intelligent legal advice. To schedule a free consultation, call my law firm today at 267-728-4535 or toll free at 800-851-2534, or contact me online.

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