Child visitation cannot be denied for these reasons

It can be tempting for a parent to use their child as leverage after a divorce. Bitterness, hostility and anger can make a person feel like the only way they can get back at the ex is to refuse visitation. If a court has granted a non-custodial parent visitation rights, interfering with these can lead to jail time, fines and even loss of custody. Here are some other illegitimate reasons Pennsylvania parents should avoid using to deny visitation.

A custodial parent may say that the non-custodial parent should not have the children spend the night at their home because they do not have a bedroom for the child. If they lack a separate bedroom for the child or children, this is not an appropriate reason to refuse visitation. The same thing goes for a parent being behind on child support payments. They still have the right to see the children if they are behind.

One tricky situation is when the children do not want to visit the non-custodial parent. There may be a legitimate reason, which the custodial parent will want to figure out. However, it may simply be a way for the children to resist the change that is taking place in the family. No matter how difficult it is, co-parents should try to present a united front when it comes to parenting plans and visitation schedules.

If the child is sick, this is not a lawful reason to deny visitation. If the child is in the hospital, the custodial parent has to provide information so that the parent can visit the child. If a custodial parent will not provide this information and constantly tries to block visitation, a person may wish to speak with a family law attorney. The attorney may be able to evaluate the situation and see if adjustments can be made to the child custody arrangement or visitation schedule.


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