The who, how and why of prenups in Pennsylvania

People across the country are probably familiar with what a prenuptial agreement is. However, for those who don’t know, it is an agreement that couples can sign before marriage that details how their assets would be divided if the couple ever got a divorce. These agreements can be highly customizable.

Those who are considering getting married or considering a prenuptial agreement might have questions about who needs one, how to get one, and why a person would want one. These questions are important to consider, but one of the most important details of getting a prenuptial agreement is how to discuss the agreement with a future spouse.

People should discuss these ideas early in their relationship. That way when an engagement takes place a prenuptial agreement won’t be a big surprise to either person.

A person who owns a business can greatly benefit from having a prenuptial agreement. This can add protection of assets for both people and make a divorce process much easier. While many people think prenups are for the rich and famous, anyone can benefit from the security that a prenuptial agreement can provide. They can often be a simple or complex as a person feels they need.

Speaking with an experienced family law attorney in Pennsylvania can ensure a person’s prenuptial agreement is made properly and is valid. By understanding more about prenuptial agreements and speaking with a significant other about general opinions on prenups and finances can ensure the relationship isn’t interrupted by a discussion and both people have safeguards.

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