Does using Twitter lead to divorce?

A new study claims that frequent use of Twitter can increase one’s likelihood of emotional or physical infidelity and could lead to divorce. The study asked questions about Twitter use and infidelity to 514 participants. The same author published a study on this issue as it relates to Facebook use last year and reported similar findings.

Some who have carefully evaluated the studies have questioned the findings, particularly since the study did not survey the instances of infidelity for people who are not using social media or who use it only occasionally. Without this comparison it is hard to say if social media in fact increases the likelihood of divorce or whether those already prone to infidelity simply have an outlet on social media.

The question of how our increasingly connected lives impacts our relationships is a significant one, although it is not clear that there is any one culprit to assign blame to for the high divorce rate in the United States. The truth is the divorce can happen as a result of a variety of factors such as financial strain, differences in lifestyle, religious or cultural differences. Infidelity is just one of many factors that can lead to a divorce and often it may not be the only issue that a couple is facing.

Since the decision to end a marriage can have wide-ranging implications, it is helpful to consult with an experienced family law professional beforehand so that one understands the situation fully and knows what to expect.

Source: Slate, “Such Tweet Sorrow,” Amanda Hess, April 8, 2014.


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