Working together in child custody after divorce in Pennsylvania

Couples looking into divorce may be dealing with the stress from innumerable decisions that they have to make. Although most people never envision themselves ending their marriage, it is an event that occurs in many relationships throughout the United States. Those who are parents in this situation also have to consider child custody and support arrangements. Those considering divorce in Pennsylvania have a variety of options and aspects to contemplate.

In many early divorces, sole or primary custody was given to the mother. However, the roles of parents in the lives of their children have greatly changed, and this is reflected in the shift of child custody following divorces. Co-parenting has become a popular arrangement. When the children’s parents choose this arrangement, a great deal of cooperation is involved.

Co-parenting allows both parents to play an active role in the lives of their children. In order for this to be successful, both parties have to put the children’s needs before their own emotions. Divorce does not have to be detrimental to children’s development. When children see their parents working together and not asking them to pick a side, they can regain that sense of safety they had before the divorce.

Constant conflict between parents places the child in a difficult position. Parents interested in co-parenting child custody arrangements have resources available that can explain what it entails. Although going through a divorce can be stressful, it is crucial not to take that stress out on the children stuck in the middle. Pennsylvania families going through this process can come out stronger individually and together.

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