Planning ahead for child custody in Pennsylvania

Divorce brings tensions and challenges, especially when children are involved. During the holiday season, these stresses can be extraordinarily evident. Whether merely beginning the divorce process during this time or simply trying to get through another year, parents in Pennsylvania can work with someone in family law to create a parenting plan or child custody agreement to help them.

For those parents who are not yet finished with the divorce process, it can be helpful to create a parenting plan. This functions like a custody arrangement, putting in writing what the parents have agreed upon for custody and/or visitation arrangements throughout the year. As with a child custody agreement, this can be general or specific and should be created to meet the needs of the children.

When negotiating a child custody arrangement, it is important to consider the holidays and how this time will be split between the parties. The parents can decide to do alternating years, in which the children spend the holidays with one party one year and the other the next year. For those who have more of a co-parenting or joint custody agreement, it may work to do split time. This allows the children to spend each holiday with both parents.

There are many ways to create a child custody agreement that allows children to spend quality time with both parents. Those considering or working through a divorce in Pennsylvania can seek assistance from a legal professional for guidance concerning the various aspects of these arrangements. Cooperation and putting the needs of the children first can also help a parent navigate this stressful time successfully.

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