Pennsylvania child custody a concern for divorcing parents

Divorce can have a major impact on children, although it is not always negative. Divorce can bring some parents and children closer as they go through this challenging situation. There is a great deal of conflict and tension occurring during this process and it can cause parents in some cases to act on their emotions. Parents going through a divorce in Pennsylvania can work together to create a child custody arrangement that is best for the children.

Reminding children caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce that they are loved is important. It is also crucial that they know that the divorce is not their fault. Children can blame themselves for their parents’ marriage ending, causing them emotional pain. These children are going through a myriad of feelings during this time, oftentimes not knowing how to deal with it.

Saying derogatory things about the other parent or having the children choose sides can cause a conflict within them that they cannot resolve. Whether it is regarding discipline, after-school activities or visitation times, parents need to discuss these things away from the children. Co-parenting and shared custody are becoming increasingly common forms of child custody, allowing children to spend quality time with each parent.

Child custody arrangements should be unique, just as the children involved are. There are professionals available to help parents in Pennsylvania who are working to create a child custody agreement during a divorce. The arrangements that meet the best interests of the children can keep a divorce from impacting them negatively and, rather, leave a positive effect.

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