Your legal choices will impact your divorce

You may have made your decision to divorce after months (or years) of consideration. Then again, you might be one of many in Pennsylvania who decided to take the divorce route following an acute crisis event in your marriage, such as revealed infidelity or a domestic violence situation. Regardless of the particular details that led to your decision, your focus now is likely how to keep stress levels as low as possible as you navigate the process and move on to a new lifestyle.

It’s true that divorce is seldom, if ever, easy. However, it’s not true that every divorce situation is wrought with contentious courtroom battles, financial disaster and long-term negative consequences. In fact, it’s often possible to get through it all with relatively few obstacles and achieve a fair and agreeable settlement in a reasonable amount of time. The type of legal representation you choose can greatly affect your outcome.

Questions to ask yourself when considering legal options

You are not forced into a particular situation when retaining legal help in divorce. You have complete freedom to choose an attorney whom you believe will be the greatest asset in helping you achieve your goals. The following list of considerations may help you identify your best options:

  • The money factor: Do you have a set financial range you need to stay within in order to make sure the divorce process does not break your bank? Inquiring ahead of time about fees and possible hidden costs can help you obtain divorce in an economically feasible manner. The old saying that you get what you pay for is not entirely a wives’ tale, however. It’s crucial to balance level of legal experience and services provided with estimated cost you can afford. Also, finding an attorney that offers free initial consultations can help you save money.
  • The internet component: Although you’d never want to base your choice for an attorney solely on the look of a website, if a particular person you’re considering has no website, or does have one that is outdated and not well-maintained, you may want to look into other options.
  • The word-of-mouth process: If you speak with other Pennsylvania residents who have chosen a particular attorney to represent them in divorce, you can get a good idea of the type of service the attorney offers. This can help you find an attorney that’s a good fit for your situation.

You can also speak directly to an attorney you are considering for hire. By asking questions pertinent to your circumstances, needs and goals, you can determine whether an alignment with the attorney may prove beneficial or not. Also, hiring an attorney doesn’t mean you a locked into a business relationship until the court finalizes your divorce. If, at any time, you are unsatisfied with legal services, you may retain the services of a different attorney.


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