How to stay focused at work during your divorce

Your manager may cut you slack after learning that you’re getting divorced – but that doesn’t mean your divorce can be used as a crutch for consistently underperforming.

Here are a few tips to keep your mind focused on your work, instead of your divorce.

Make a list of goals

Jot down your goals for the day. If you aren’t sure what they should be, ask your manager how you can improve. Then, plan deadlines to meet these goals. The pressure of having a deadline can help motivate some to focus more on the task at hand – instead of personal issues.

Put your phone away

Some employees may have no way of using a smartphone or the internet at work. Others, however, may rely on the internet for their job. If you fit into the latter category, you may be able to get away with using your personal phone at work. This is a bad idea.

Put your phone away and refrain from using the internet to look into anything personal – be it your bills, personal email, social media accounts, photos and more. This is one way to separate your personal life from your work life.

Regular timed breaks

Do a short activity that has a beginning and an end. For example, take a walk, have a small snack or get a glass of water. After you complete your task, get back to work.

Avoid spending your break doing tasks that can be ongoing, such as reading a book or scouring the internet. If you have a hard time tearing yourself away from these activities, they’re more likely to turn your short break into a long one. If you really want to do these types of activities on breaks, stick to a small amount of time (5-15 minutes every hour).

Fidget toys

If you are angry or stressed, fidget toys are a great way to expel that energy. Try using a stress ball, pop socket or fidget spinner. If it calms you down and keeps you focused, it’s working.

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep before work will increase your productivity in general. Practice these tips to get the most out of your sleep:

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends – seriously
  • Only use your bed for sleeping-not for surfing the web on your phone or watching tv
  • Allow yourself time to wind down, without any bright lights 30 minutes before bed

Remove reminders of your ex

If you have photographs or gifts that remind you of your ex-spouse, it’s time to clear them out. If co-workers ask about it, you may choose to share your personal life or respond with a statement like, “I’d rather not discuss that now.”

Have an attorney handle legal work

Acquiring the assistance of a lawyer means there’s less responsibility on your end to devise a negotiation plan, draft agreements, file paperwork and learn all of the laws that relate to your financial and custody agreements.

Choosing the right lawyer means the expanding responsibilities in your personal life are less likely to leak over to your work life, allowing you to feel secure in your job during a time when everything is changing.


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