How dads can overcome custody bias

It’s not uncommon for men to feel like the courts favor women in custody battles. This bias stems from our culture’s roots — when women were not able to work, but instead cared for the children and the home.

Today, however, these ideas are recognized as dated and sexist. If you believe the courts may hold a bias against you for being a man, following these tips can help you prove your dedication as a father.

Be prompt

Arriving at court on time is the first step you can take to show how much you care about the results of your case. Always be completely ready to start the session as soon as possible and call well in advance to reschedule if absolutely necessary.

Be prepared

In addition to arriving at court on time or early, you should also be familiar with the subjects that will be discussed in each session. Work with an attorney to prep the negotiations you’d like to make with plenty of back-up plans.

You should also be ready with all of the necessary legal documents required of you.

Be courteous

Once you are prepared for the workings of the session, make sure to behave during them. If the courts notice that you are especially intolerable, arrogant, disrespectful or easily angered, this could quickly be reflected in the custody decisions they make. Remember to keep in mind that getting along with your ex-spouse is in your child’s best interests.

Always be respectful, kind and patient to your ex, their lawyer and the courthouse officials — especially including the judge.

Don’t shy away about what you want

A skilled Family Law attorney can help advise you on what issues you should compromise on, how to set a bottom line and which arguments can be non-negotiable. Don’t shy away from expressing your dedication and compassion for your children.

While an emotional connection will only go so far into the court’s considerations, it is especially important for fathers to stress this bond alongside the other ways you support your child’s best interests.


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