Staying friends with your ex-partner

When you hear of the word “divorce” you may instantly think of bad marriages and couples arguing, but this is not always the case. Not all divorces result from bad marriages. Sometimes, people just aren’t compatible as time goes on.

Getting divorced for reasons other than disagreements

Most people get married to someone they’ve known for a long time or met in college or high school. They’ve been around each other and assumed they’d be great together from shared interests. While this is true, as individuals grow in their careers, passions and drive, their thinking changes. This is a normal part of growing up. You learn more and you want to do more.

The sad thing about this is that while you might be growing an interest in passions, such as traveling and food, your partner might be pursuing their interests in a sport, business, etc. Couples divorce for many reasons that don’t specifically involve constant arguing and disagreements.

Certain couples who have decided to untie the knot and pursue their own passions, while remaining friends with their partners, have stated that they’re happier with their decision.

Moving on doesn’t always mean leaving behind

Sometimes people grow apart and mutually decide their lives would be better if they separate and stay friends. As people grow older, they sometimes forget that it’s okay to follow their passion and not stay stuck in what they think is right. If you’re feeling stuck and drained, it’s possible your partner may feel the same way.

Why ruin your relationship with someone when it is evident that you are both good people and eagerly want to do other things. Some people get divorced because they want to be happy and live a life of less stress. Couples don’t have to argue everyday before realizing they need a divorce. You can still be a part of each other’s lives. Sometimes, a separation may help to strengthen certain parts of a relationship without the strain of marriage.


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