How to change a child support order

Parents may realize that their child support order no longer matches their current circumstances. In this situation, they can ask for a modification.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, parents can modify a child support order when their situation changes. Children may reach the age of emancipation, for example, and parents may no longer need to provide child support for them. Additionally, parents can request a modification if they become a custodial parent and spend more time with their children. Modifications may also be necessary if parents experience a change in their income, either through a raise or because they lose their job.

How to start the process

According to the Administration for Children and Families, parents can ask officials to review their case every three years so that the child support order always matches their circumstances. However, people can also request a modification as soon as they experience a change in their circumstances. They usually need to contact their local child support agency.

What to include

Parents need to include several types of information when they ask for a new child support order. This includes the names of both parents and all the children, as well as all the dates of birth. If people know their case number or name, they should include this as well. This ensures that officials look at the right case.

Additionally, parents need to submit information about their finances. People should include their pay stubs or tax returns. They should also put together a break-down of their income and expenses so officials can get an accurate picture of a parent’s situation. Child support officials compare all this information to a cost-of-living estimate. This helps them determine the new child support order.


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