How can you improve your co-parenting plan?

If you have a co-parenting arrangement with your spouse, it may not always be easy. Working with an ex is difficult, by nature.

According to Today’s Parent, co-parenting tends to have longer-lasting positive results. Here are some tips on how to co-parent successfully.

Treat your ex with professional courtesy

Think about your relationship with your ex like the one you may have with a colleague. You do not have to remain friends, but you both have your children’s interests in mind. When he or she calls, do not blow your ex off. If you have plans to pick up your children, do not be late. The two of you should treat your obligations to each other with respect and courtesy.

Learn the art of communication

Communicating with an ex sometimes brings up bitter or old feelings. If you worry about negative feelings, you do not have to speak in person or on the phone. Consider email and text exchanges. One thing that you never want to do, however, is to have your children be messengers. This can escalate tension for everyone involved. When you talk through messages, you have more time to choose your words. Additionally, if you read something that upsets you, you can take time to cool off before you reply.

Conduct family meetings

If you and your ex can be in the same room amicably, you may want to schedule family meetings. Your children should be present in these meetings to discuss school, extracurricular activities and how they feel about your current arrangement. Every person should have some agency in a co-parenting situation.

The most important component to make co-parenting work is to have a schedule and ensure that you and your ex are on the same page.


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