How social media can impact your divorce proceedings

These days there should be no expectation of privacy when it comes to the internet and social media. Even when you delete a post, it probably still exists in a data center somewhere.

It is becoming more common for attorneys to use social media posts as evidence in divorce proceedings. Some people cite social media as the cause for the end of the marriage because one of the partners found incriminating information there.


Though you may be looking forward to beginning your new life as a single person, it might be a good idea to hold off registering on dating sites until the decree is final, particularly if there are allegations of infidelity. If you have already entered a new relationship, even though it may have been post-separation, avoid posting about it on social media because it might provide evidence in court.


If you post pictures of yourself enjoying a lavish lifestyle, it may make it difficult to convince a judge your spousal support is inadequate. Worse than that, it may give the impression that you have not been 100% transparent about your assets. Divorce is difficult enough already, and a mostly amicable divorce can quickly turn into a high-conflict one.


Talk to your children about what they are posting on social media as well. They may inadvertently reveal something that was better kept private and then feel terrible about it.

While it may seem like the divorce is taking forever, it will end at some point. Meanwhile, it is best to take a break from social media.


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