Child support enforcement in Pennsylvania

As a parent, you need to go over different legal considerations related to the end of your marriage and your kids. For example, you could have questions and concerns regarding child custody, and you likely have uncertainty regarding child support. Whether you expect to owe child support to your former spouse or receive payments from your ex, it is pivotal to take a look at child support enforcement in Pennsylvania.

When a non-custodial party does not fulfill their child support obligations, serious repercussions could arise.

Unpaid child support carries harsh consequences

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services outlines a number of penalties that parents can face if they owe back child support. For example, unpaid support can lead to the suspension of one’s occupational license, recreational license or driver’s license. The government could seize bank accounts as well as tax refunds, and report a delinquent parent to credit bureaus and in the newspaper (shattering one’s reputation).

Passport denial and jail time over unpaid child support

In addition, failing to pay child support can jeopardize a parent’s passport privileges, preventing them from applying for a new passport or leading to the revocation of a current passport. In fact, parents who miss child support payments sometimes become held in contempt of court, which could result in up to six months behind bars and a $500 fine.

If you worry about staying current on child support, or you have questions regarding the way in which courts calculate child support during the divorce process, you need to go over your options as soon as possible.


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