Looking at the penalties for failing to pay alimony

When it comes to the divorce process, you need to think about a number of financial topics. From child support to the division of marital property, divorce could impact your finances in various ways. Some people have to pay alimony after ending their marriage, and you should understand the importance of staying current on alimony payments.

In fact, failing to pay alimony in the state of Pennsylvania can lead to serious repercussions.

What are the penalties for falling behind on alimony payments?

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, those who fall behind on alimony payments can face a number of penalties as a result of enforcement actions. For example, the government could seize real estate profits and other resources, and charge interest on back alimony. Those who fail to pay alimony could also have to pay legal costs.

Sometimes, those who do not pay alimony have to go to court. In certain instances, one’s refusal to pay alimony could cause them to become held in contempt of court, which carries the possibility of prison time.

How can you avoid falling behind on alimony?

If you are struggling to pay alimony, it is vital to review your options in order to avoid these consequences. If you have experienced major life changes that have affected your finances, you could have the ability to modify your order. Carefully go over your financial situation and try to plan ahead, if possible. Moreover, you should realize that waiting too long to take action can make it harder to stay current and avoid these penalties, so do not procrastinate.


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