Reviewing child support payment options during divorce

If you have kids, it is important to go over legal issues that could arise during your divorce and affect you for years to come. For example, you could have to pay child support, and you should understand how the state calculates support payments and stay current. Moreover, you should realize that there are various options with respect to making child support payments.

While many parents have their child support withheld by their employer, some have to find other ways to pay support, such as self-employed individuals and those who owe support before an income withholding order takes effect.

Paying child support online and at approved locations

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services covers some of the different ways you can pay child support in this state. You can set up an online account with an approved online platform and pay via credit card, debit card or your bank account. Moreover, there are walk-in locations around the state that allow you to make payments in person with cash or a debit card.

Processing times, fees and other child support considerations

It is important to go over all of your options and take a number of issues into account when it comes to making payments. For example, if you make a walk-in payment, it could take four to seven days to process, while making an online payment with your bank account could take three to four days to process.

Make sure you focus on due dates and pay support early enough to avoid becoming delinquent. You should also understand that fees vary depending on the method you choose, and take this into account when making support payments.


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