Emphasize these benefits when you ask your partner for a prenup

Though prenuptial agreements have gotten a bad rap in the past, this is beginning to change. CNN Business reports that divorce lawyers have seen a 62% increase in prenup requests.

Despite this, it can still be difficult to talk to your future spouse about your desire to have a prenup. To make the conversation easier, try emphasizing these key benefits.

Protect children from another marriage

If you or your fiance are entering the marriage with prior children, a prenuptial agreement can help to protect the children in the event of divorce or if one or both spouses die. For example, you can use the agreement to set aside specific assets for your kids, ensuring they have everything they need if you pass.

Increase financial confidence

According to Market Watch, arguments over finances may be the number one predictor of whether a couple will get divorced. Prenuptial contracts can help to mitigate financial anxiety by insulating you and your spouse from poor decision-making by the other partner. Key financial reasons to consider a prenup include:

  • Guard against a business failure
  • Prevent one spouse from taking on the other’s debt
  • Increase confidence when one partner has shown financial irresponsibility
  • Provide for a stay-at-home parent after a divorce

Taking key monetary concerns out of the equation can help you and your future spouse focus on your relationship.

When you are ready to bring up the possibility of a prenuptial agreement with your fiance, make sure to approach the conversation with compassion. Listen to any concerns he or she may have, and focus on the ways a prenup can benefit your both.


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