5 Myths about divorce

There are a bunch of misconceptions floating around about divorce. Unfortunately, some of these have prevented people from going through the process.

Here are some of the biggest myths about divorce and the truth.

1. Only women receive alimony

Every family is unique. If you check recent divorce statistics, you can see that it is more about providing financial assistance to the spouse who contributed to the family in non-financial ways. The court can award alimony however is best. For instance, a full-time father can receive support.

2. Mothers always get custody

The court decides it based on the best interest of the child. Joint custody is very common in today’s world.

3. The state splits marital estates equally

Pennsylvania law divides marital estates fairly between spouses. That does not mean an equal division. Additionally, your separate assets are your own. The court will not grant any of them to your spouse.

4. The law connects visitation and child support

Failing to pay child support does not mean your spouse can keep you from visiting your children. Additionally, if your spouse keeps you from seeing your children, it does not mean you do not have to pay child support.

5. Every divorce takes the same amount of time

Every divorce has to go through the same checkpoints, but that does not mean they will all take the same amount of time. Each case length depends on the individuals involved. For example, two people who can negotiate will settle much faster than two who need to litigate.

Even without these misconceptions, divorce can be tricky to navigate. So if you are in an unhappy marriage, find the answers to your divorce questions to decide if that is the right move for you.


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