How should you communicate with your ex about custody?

The idea of continuing a relationship with your ex after divorce because of shared custody can cause uncertainty. You might wonder how you can possibly communicate despite prior discord.

Sharing custody has its challenges, but your ability to put your children first might ease your effort to make things work. Developing a professional relationship with your ex may facilitate amicable interactions that align with the boundaries you have set.

Avoid social media

Social media is not an effective way to communicate with your ex. You are better off removing your ex from your list of online friends. Be mindful of the content you share. According to CNN, despite your feelings about the divorce, never disparage your ex publicly and especially not in front of your children. There are several other more effective methods of communication including phone calls, text messages and email.

Discuss the future

Prior to major events that involve the well-being of your children, try to have formal, productive discussions. Identify commonalities in opinion and formulate a game plan. Waiting until it is time to make a big decision may increase tension and discord which can make custody sharing a miserable experience for everyone involved.

Do not communicate when upset

There will undoubtedly be times when your opinion does not align with what your ex thinks. Do not communicate when tensions are high. Wait for clarity and do your best to regain control of your emotions.

Despite a divorce, there is still an opportunity for you to communicate amicably with your ex on behalf of your children. Setting and respecting boundaries, showing respect for one another and putting your children first will make all the difference.


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