Sick wives may lead to higher divorce rate in Pennsylvania

Relationships are a common and expected aspect of the lives of people around the world. Immediate family, extended family, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets and numerous others play a part in the everyday life of any given individual. Marriage is one such relationship that is looked upon with extra value; it is given a special place. For couples in Pennsylvania, the joyous event of marriage unfortunately also comes with the risk of divorce.

Over the last few decades, researchers have seen divorce rates rise and fall. Many people think of divorces occurring between young couples. However, the number of divorces between couples who have been together for decades has seen an increase. In older couples, when the wife gets sick, the likelihood of a divorce spikes even higher.

In a study of over 2,000 couples, when the wife was faced with a life-threatening illness, the chance of being divorced grew to almost 50 percent. However, when the husband faced the same type of disease, the risk of divorce did not make any dramatic increase or decrease. The reason for these statistics is still being determined. Many sociologists believe that it has to do with gender norms and the expectations set by society for men and women.

Older couples in Pennsylvania who are experiencing a life-threatening illness may wish to consider their legal options. The divorce process is one such option for those in this situation. If either spouse is struggling with a life-threatening illness, getting a divorce may be a decision that best fits their needs. Having a complete understanding of the risks one’s spouse is facing and the aspects of divorce can help one decide what to do at this point in life.

Source: Tech Times, “Divorce rate spikes among older couples if wife becomes sick”, Anne Francis, May 5, 2014


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