Making the best choice of child custody in Pennsylvania

While one is going through the divorce process, thousands of thoughts whirl about in one’s head. If two spouses who are splitting also have to work together to create a child custody arrangement, the process can become even more overwhelming. Although going through such a huge life change is challenging for everyone involved, it has progressed immensely over the years. For Pennsylvania families, meeting the needs of the children in child custody agreements is the primary priority.

Not very long ago, mothers were awarded primary or sole custody of the children in the midst of a divorce. This allowed fathers to only spend time with their kids on holidays and some weekends. However, the last two decades have shown a change in this trend. The philosophy driving court decisions on child custody now has proven to be that which is in the child’s best interests.

Rather than focusing on awarding the parent of a particular gender the custody of the children, the involvement of both parents is being encouraged. Joint custody can be equally or unequally shared, but this allows the children to spend a good deal of time with each of their parents. This new trend illustrates society’s belief that time with both parents is crucial for the best development of children.

In the midst of the stress of divorce, it can be difficult to remember that one’s children are going through the process, too. Working with one’s ex-spouse to create a child custody arrangement that best meets the needs of the children is the first step in this new life that has been created. Understanding the process of creating child custody agreements is immensely important for Pennsylvania families going through the divorce process. A joint child custody arrangement is one way to give the children quality time with both parents, which can ease the transition and the tension these kids have to face.

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