Cooperation in Pennsylvania child custody may ease the transition

Choosing to separate or divorce one’s spouse is a major life event that will have lasting effects on the lives of everyone involved. This is especially true for children whose parents are getting divorced. The child custody arrangement and how it is carried out following the separation can make a big impact on how the children feel and act. In Pennsylvania, parents can choose from a variety of possible arrangements.

Working through a child custody arrangement can be incredibly challenging, especially in the beginning. In spite of the myriad of emotions that two former spouses may be experiencing, this arrangement requires cooperation. Children often struggle with the idea that the family they had always known has changed. No matter what type of arrangement is decided upon, creating a stable and supportive environment for the children in both homes is crucial.

For this reason, having consistent rules and discipline at both homes can once again provide that security. This encourages children to respect and form a good relationship with both parents, instead of constantly having to choose one over the other. Deciding upon what rules will be enforced and how acting out will be handled requires cooperation between both parties.

Working together in a child custody arrangement can ease the transition for children caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce. It may also help the former spouses to move past any feelings of hurt as they seek to provide encouragement for their children. Families in Pennsylvania that are going through the divorce process can find assistance from professionals that work to decrease the stress that is typically involved.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Consistent Co-parenting Eases the Way for Children After Divorce”, Rosalind Sedacca, March 17, 2015


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