A prenuptial agreement can give Pennsylvania couples confidence

The number of marriages that end in divorce in today’s society make many people wary of entering that commitment themselves. For those concerned about how certain things will be handled during the marriage and in a possible divorce, they have the option of creating a prenuptial agreement with their future spouse. Pennsylvania couples who are considering a prenuptial agreement have several issues upon which to decide.

There are many aspects of a marriage which a prenuptial agreement can address. The designation of property as separate or marital is one thing that can be outlined in this document. The same thing can be done with the debts of each party, so that in the event of a subsequent divorce, the two spouses would already know how the assets and liabilities are going to be divided.

Responsibilities regarding finances and other assets, the provisions for children from other relationships and designating certain inheritances can also be included in the prenuptial agreement. However, there are also several items that cannot be outlined in this agreement and could lead a judge to set it aside if they are the focus. Provisions that may be an incentive for one party to pursue divorce, pre-determinations about child custody or support and illegal activities are restricted from inclusion in a prenup by many states.

Pennsylvania couples that are approaching a marriage may want to consider creating a prenuptial agreement. In this, they can outline how they will handle property and finances should the marriage result in a divorce. With the assistance of attorneys with experience in handling these agreements, the couple can gain a sense of confidence as they take this next step in life.

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