Prenuptial agreement: for marriage and divorce in Pennsylvania

Deciding to marry someone is sometimes more than an act based solely on emotion for many people. Yet, considering a prenuptial agreement is oftentimes not regarded as a good thing. Couples in Pennsylvania who are preparing for a wedding and thinking about creating a prenuptial agreement can make use of available resources and the assistance of people with experience in family law.

Prenuptial agreements seem to have the connotation of foreshadowing a divorce. Some think that making this agreement concerning property, finances and other assets merely brings negative ideas into the minds of people who may otherwise not have been considering them. However, a prenuptial agreement not only creates a plan in the case of a separation or divorce, it also gets people thinking about the more serious aspects of marriage.

Parties that have a high net-worth may discover that a prenuptial agreement is even more practical. Due to the fact that much of what is acquired during a marriage becomes shared property, people who own a business may find themselves in a predicament if their spouse decides to get a divorce after some time. Without a prenuptial agreement, the other party may attempt to gain a large portion of the shared assets in spite of the fact that those assets resulted from the other party’s business.

Prenuptial agreements can be helpful both at the beginning of a marriage and the beginning of a divorce. These agreements outline division of assets between the two parties in the case that they do separate. A prenuptial agreement also shines light on the side of marriage dealing with finances and other assets. Couples in Pennsylvania who are considering getting married may also want to consider making one of these agreements.

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