Kurt Cobain’s guitar at center of divorce

Prenuptial agreements serve an important purpose for married couples, especially when one or both individuals have valuable assets to their name. If Frances Bean Cobain — the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain — had a prenuptial agreement, it appears that some property issues were not adequately addressed. Because of this, a valuable family heirloom has taken center stage in her divorce proceedings as her ex claims it was given to him as a gift.

Pennsylvania music fans might be familiar with the late front man for the 90s grunge band Nirvana, including the notable guitar he played during the band’s performance on MTV Unplugged. The electric-acoustic guitar was originally insured for $1 million, but its current value is believed to be much greater. The rare guitar’s value could possibly be one of the reasons that Cobain and Isaiah Silva are have both set their sights on the instrument.

According to Cobain, the guitar is a priceless family heirloom. Silva insists that it was a gift from his wife at their marriage. It is not exactly clear who is currently in possession of the guitar, but Cobain recently removed some of her personal belongings from the couple’s marital home, although previous altercations required that police be present during the process.

A beloved family heirloom that holds both incredible emotional and financial value can easily become a point of contention during a divorce. Specifically addressing these types of heirlooms in prenups can help avoid unnecessary conflict. These kinds of disputes often end up in court, which is all the more reason for Pennsylvania couples to consider the clarity that prenuptial agreements to potential property disputes.

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