Expert witnesses helpful in Pennsylvania divorces

Many Pennsylvania spouses who are going through a divorce are anxious about the process and have no idea what to expect. It’s important to remember that each divorcing couple’s circumstances are different. Small details can mean the difference between a smooth, amicable separation and a lengthy, contentious battle. Generally, the most complicated divorces involve couples who have a high-net worth, own a business or have fundamental disagreements regarding custody of the children.

Child custody disputes during divorce are quite common. In such cases, it is advantageous to retain the services of a child custody expert. As one might expect, custody experts testify on the ultimate issue — the best interests of the child. In order to support an argument in favor of one parent obtaining custody, a child custody expert usually interviews family members, teachers and other people who may be close to the child. Child custody experts often have training in the mental health field.

Another common type of expert used in divorces are forensic accountants. These experts are helpful in determining the value of a business or other asset. Often, spouses argue about the value of certain assets during the process of dividing the marital estate or in determining the amount of spousal support.

A divorcing spouse may want to seek the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney. Even amicable divorces can turn contentious as the couple works through the details of the split. An experienced attorney could help a client make effective arguments to a judge and determine whether expert testimony is necessary.


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