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I Will Get You Through This As Quickly As Possible

Divorce is a life-changing decision that will have long-lasting emotional and financial implications for the entire family. It is vital to have a trustworthy and experienced advocate who will listen to your concerns and work to protect your rights and best interests.

I am attorney Michael E. Eisenberg, and I represent clients in cases ranging from complex, high net worth divorce to uncontested divorce. My clients appreciate my ability to handle challenging cases while maintaining my commitment to exceptional client service.

To schedule a free confidential consultation with an experienced Montgomery County family law attorney, please contact me at 267-728-4535 or 800-851-2534. Located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, my law office serves clients throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Understanding The Value And Division Of Property During Divorce

Some forms of property can easily be assigned a value. Others, like a family business, are more complicated. Finding a fair value is vital to a property division result that does not put you at a disadvantage. My role is to ensure that your property division settlement represents your fair share of marital property. I will explain the law and the methods used to assign values to your holdings. Together, we can create a plan that takes into account your priorities in dividing assets.

I approach each case with an eye toward minimizing conflict and finding solutions that work. I recognize, however, that not all cases can be settled through negotiation. If your case requires litigation, I am known for my aggressive courtroom advocacy and track record of success at trial.

Above all else, I am focused on doing what is right for your family. Whether I am promoting your position in negotiation or at trial, I will call upon more than 30 years of experience to skillfully advocate on your behalf.

I assist clients with a wide range of divorce and related matters, including:

Deciding Between Fault And No-Fault Divorce

Choosing between fault and no-fault divorce is a tactical decision that should be made only after speaking with an experienced attorney. I can help you decide what makes sense for your situation. Although no-fault divorce is common and some counties do not accept fault divorces, there are certain circumstances in which a fault divorce may be best, including adultery, bigamy and a spouse’s lengthy prison term.

How To Contact Me

If you are considering divorce, I can provide you with the strong and supportive representation you need to achieve your goals. Contact me at 267-728-4535 or 800-851-2534 to arrange a free confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer.