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Knowledgeable Assistance With Complex Same-Sex Divorce Issues

Now that same-sex couples can legally marry in Pennsylvania, they can also legally divorce. This provides same-sex couples the benefit of having a legal process through which to separate their lives in a way that is fair and equitable. In short, you now have rights in a breakup.

I am lawyer Michael E. Eisenberg, and I can help you through a same-sex divorce, no matter how complicated it is. I have been practicing family law in Pennsylvania since 1987. I know the law and know the unique approaches that can only be learned from experience.

I offer free initial consultations at my law firm in Hatboro. To schedule yours, call 267-728-4535 or 800-851-2534. I serve clients in the Philadelphia area and throughout Montgomery County.

Compassionate And Intelligent Legal Guidance

I understand that divorce is a life-changing process for many people, and there are times when it will be emotionally difficult to keep moving forward. When things get tough, I will be by your side to help you keep moving forward.

I assist clients in Hatboro and throughout the Philadelphia area with all matters of divorce, including:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody and support, including parental relocations
  • Complex property division
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Military divorce

Focused On Conflict-Free Resolutions

As your attorney, it will always be my goal to help you work through your family law matter in a way that is effective and efficient. Often, the best way to do this is through meditation.

Mediation allows you and your spouse to decide the terms of your divorce rather than leaving the decisions up to a judge who doesn’t know you. However, there are situations in which mediation just doesn’t work. In that situation, I will not hesitate to stand up for you in a trial.

Your First Consultation Is Free

Call my law firm today at 267-728-4535 or toll-free at 800-851-2534 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. You can also contact me by email.