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Legal Advocacy For Paternity Issues

Paternity is a serious matter that should be handled efficiently and accurately. I am attorney Michael E. Eisenberg. I can help you through your paternity matter, whether you are a mother or a father.

At my law firm, your first 30-minute consultation is free. Call me today at 267-728-4535 or 800-851-2534. With offices in Hatboro and Warrington, I serve clients throughout the Philadelphia area.

Protecting And Defending Fathers’ Rights

A paternity dispute usually involves one of two scenarios. Either the mother believes that a man is the father of her child or a man believes that a child is his, but the mother says he is not the father. No matter which situation applies to you, I will strive to protect your rights throughout the process.

When a man is seeking custody of a child or seeking to prove that he is not the father of a child, he will have to initiate a paternity test. It is best to do this before any child support orders are in place.

If your paternity test results come back as anything less than a 99.9 percent match, you have the right to a trial to prove that you are not the father. If the test shows that the child is yours, I can help you through the process of seeking child custody.

Helping Mothers Seek Paternity Tests

The process works similarly for a mother who is hoping to prove that a man is the father of her child. I can help you order a paternity test. If the test comes back positive, I will stay by your side as we determine child support and child custody.

Call Me Today To Get Started

Paternity matters are often time-sensitive, so it is important to contact a lawyer quickly. Call my Pennsylvania law firm today to discuss your issue in a free 30-minute consultation. To schedule an appointment, call 267-728-4535 or toll-free at 800-851-2534 or send me an email.