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What Rights Do Stepparents Have?

The bond between a stepparent and a stepchild is very special in many situations. In some cases, a stepparent may even fill the shoes of a biological parent who is no longer in the picture. It is understandable why a stepparent would worry about maintaining a relationship with his or her stepchild in the event of a divorce from the child’s biological parent.

I am attorney Michael E. Eisenberg, and I can support the rights of stepparents in this challenging situation. I strive to not only provide sound legal advice rooted in decades of experience to my clients, but also be a compassionate advocate for their family law needs.

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Seeking Custody Or Visitation Rights

Generally, the legal parents of a child are given the authority of determining what is in the best interests of their child. However, there are some unique circumstances in which a stepparent may be granted legal rights to a stepchild.

The most common reason a stepparent would be given legal rights to a stepchild is if the stepparent played a very large role in the child’s life. Most often, the stepparent would have to be a strong parental figure to the child. This tends to be the case when one of the child’s parents is no longer involved in the child’s life.

However, visitation and custody rights are determined based on the best interests of the child. Even if the child’s other parent is involved, it may be possible to show that a stepparent’s relationship with the child is strong enough to warrant visitation rights. It is important to work with a lawyer who understands stepparents’ rights in Pennsylvania.

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