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Dividing Real Estate In A Divorce

Dividing real estate is a major part of the divorce process. Whether you share one family home or have several homes, there is a lot that goes into determining how to approach this aspect of property division.

I am lawyer Michael E. Eisenberg, and I represent clients in Pennsylvania who are going through high-asset divorces. I not only know the relevant laws, but I also work closely with experts who can accurately assess the value of your property to ensure a fair outcome.

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Will I Have To Move Out?

There are several options for handling real estate in divorce. Although it may involve moving out, neither spouse has an automatic right to jointly owned property.

If you and your spouse have children, often the custodial parent — or the parent who has the children most often — stays in the family home. Another option in this situation is to sell the home, each spouse moving on to a new place. Without children, your options are similar, but the right choice may be less clear-cut.

When a couple has more than one property, they may agree to each take one. If one is worth substantially more than the other, it can be evened out in other aspects of property division. Trading off one property or a type of property for another asset may be negotiated or presented to a judge. The goal of property division in Pennsylvania is to achieve equity (fairness), not necessarily equality.

Strong Legal Guidance To Help You Reach A Resolution

Dividing property like the marital home can be a contentious issue for some couples. To many people, a home carries significant sentimental value. I have decades of experience helping people through this difficult matter. I independently evaluate each situation, using my experience and not my emotions, to guide you as to how assets and debts should be handled.

While being sensitive to your emotions, I will make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of each of your options and their possible outcomes. I will negotiate with your spouse and his or her attorney to achieve a resolution that is fair. If we cannot come to an agreement, I will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

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