Helping kids deal with their parents’ divorce

Pennsylvania parents deciding to divorce may be concerned about how they can best protect the parent-child relationship despite the end of a marriage. Divorce can be a difficult time for children. They may feel like they are supposed to be on one parent’s side, or they may worry that their parents will leave them as well. Some kids, especially younger children, may feel that they are at fault for the divorce. Even the practical changes that accompany the end of a marriage can have a particular impact on children who move back and forth between their parents’ homes on a regular basis.

However, parents can take action to help protect their children from emotional trauma during divorce and let them emerge from the situation with a healthy, positive outlook. One of the most important things that parents can do is avoid putting their children in the middle of the divorce. Kids may often have divided loyalties, and it is important for them to understand that they do not need to choose one parent over the other. When kids feel like they cannot say anything positive about one parent to the other, they may lose a close connection as a result. Therefore, parents have a responsibility not only to avoid putting their former partners down but also to encourage a positive relationship.

In addition, children may feel like they have little autonomy or input into the process. It can be important to include their preferences and choices when developing a parenting plan or organizing changes to the custody schedule.

Loving parents can help their children emerge from the divorce with a strong relationship intact. A family law attorney may help a divorcing parent to negotiate a parenting plan and address issues including visitation, child custody and child support.


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