The health concerns for those going through a gray divorce

Many Pennsylvania couples are finding that getting divorced after 50 can be extremely tough when it comes to their health. While health professionals are finding that divorce can lead to some adverse health issues, it can be particularly harder for those over the age of 50, who may already have underlying or existing medical problems.

For example, those who go through a gray divorce, or a divorce that occurs when a couple is elderly, can experience chronic stress, anxiety and even depression. In some cases, people may even experience post-traumatic stress disorders that are caused by them reliving certain times of the marriage, particularly the unhappy events. These psychological conditions may be linked to physical conditions such as heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. Chronic stress that remains untreated could cause a person to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease among other physical issues.

However, isolation caused by a gray divorce may be the most concerning psychological issue. Isolation can prevent a person from moving on from the divorce and cause him or her to become alienated from family members, especially if the individual no longer feels like socializing. In many cases, this issue affects men as their wives may have been responsible for bringing the family together during holidays.

In addition to the health repercussions of a gray divorce, there are usually financial aspects that must be considered as well. Even if their children have already grown up, elderly individuals who are going through a divorce may live on a fixed income or even have numerous retirement funds that will need to be divided up. A family law attorney may help determine how these assets can be divided in a fair way to prevent future financial concerns for a person preparing to go through a gray divorce.


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