How to break the news of your divorce to acquaintances

When you decided to get divorced, you probably planned conversations with your children and close family members and knew that they would be the first to know. Now with those difficult conversations out of the way, you may wonder what other parties need or should know about your plans to divorce.

In addition to notifying important people in your children’s lives such as teachers, pediatricians and babysitters, you may also want to notify some of your acquaintances.

Your employer

Your boss might not be one of the first people you think of to divulge the news of your divorce, but it is important to let him or her know of big life events. When it comes to the workplace, you can keep the details to a minimum, but let your boss know that your work schedule may change depending on the divorce proceedings. Additionally, you may elect to change your tax withholding information and he or she can help.

Your co-workers

You likely want to avoid being the center of office gossip, so to keep speculation to a minimum, do not share anything with co-workers you do not have a personal relationship with. If word gets out, kindly ask the other employees to respect your privacy.

Any casual friends

With casual friends, letting them know something about your impending divorce is beneficial. You likely do not want to have them accidentally ask about your ex-spouse and have an awkward, unplanned conversation. Instead, be upfront and let them know that you are divorcing and that you ask them to respect your privacy. You may also want to add that they can feel free to remain friends with both you and your ex.

Overall, no matter the audience, many of these people will have questions or pry for more information about your divorce. It is your choice on how much you want to share, but remember that close family and friends usually deserve more details than these acquaintances.


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