How can your friends and family support you during your divorce?

The situation can quickly become awkward when you announce your divorce. Friends and family may not realize how they should act or what they can do to support you.

The New York Times explains that if you struggle with well-meaning family and friends who are actually not helping the situation, you can guide them to support you in the way that helps you the best as you navigate your divorce.

Listening ear

Let the people around you know that all you really need is someone to listen to you. Unsolicited advice is not something you need right now. Explain to them that just being there is often enough.

Helping hand

Once you file for divorce, everything changes. You may struggle to adjust to being a single parent and need some help. Let your friends and family know that if they want to help out, it is greatly appreciated. Be sure you let them help. It is too easy to try to be independent, but you will benefit from having people help you through this.

Financial aid

While it is tough to ask for financial help, it can mean a lot during a divorce. The divorce may tie up your assets or stretch your budget thin. If someone offers to help you pay for anything, take them up on the offer. You can also borrow money if that makes you feel better, but money can be a huge help at this time.

Do not forget that your loved ones only want to be there for you and support you. They do not want to make things harder on you or upset you. Their well-meaning assistance may not be what you need, so do not be afraid to speak up and tell them what would be really helpful.


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