Allegations of abuse and child custody

Whether you are thinking about getting a divorce as a parent or you are already in the middle of a bitter dispute related to child custody, it is imperative to think about your relationship with your child and protect their best interests. Courts go over many factors when making decisions related to child custody, and abuse can have a significant impact on a parent’s ability to secure custody rights.

If you have concerns about your child’s other parent spending time with your child due to abuse, or if you are facing false allegations of abuse and worry about how this could affect your ability to spend time with your child, you need to review the details of your case carefully.

Abuse and awarding child custody

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, courts take child abuse into consideration when determining which outcome serves a child’s best interests and awarding child custody. In addition to present abuse, courts also look into past abuse. Courts try to assess whether a child could face any risks related to abuse and which party is more capable of supervising and protecting the child from abuse.

False allegations of abuse can affect child custody

Sometimes, parents find themselves wrongly accused of abuse. For example, if your ex claims that you abused your child in order to win a custody dispute, you need to immediately gather as much evidence as possible and prepare for court. Try to stay calm and focus on strategies to safeguard your child’s best interests. Also, you should take a close look at how abuse allegations and other factors can influence custody decisions.


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