License suspension and back child support in Pennsylvania

It is pivotal to understand the different penalties that you could face if you fall behind on child support, whether you currently owe support or find yourself in the middle of a divorce and expect to take on these obligations soon. In Pennsylvania, parents who do not pay support can face various consequences, from the loss of passport privileges to time behind bars.

In addition, you could face the suspension of your driver’s license if you fall behind on child support.

An overview of license suspension due to back child support

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, parents who owe at least three months of unpaid child support in this state can lose their driving privileges. The DOT mails a notice to parents in this position to inform them of the suspension and the steps they need to take to restore their driving privileges.

When a parent loses his or her driver’s license over back child support, their privileges become suspended until they pay the back support they owe. After addressing your child support obligations, you have to pay a restoration fee before your driving privileges become restored.

The impact of license suspension over unpaid child support

Losing your license could shatter your life and make it more challenging to pay child support. For example, you could have difficulty getting to work. It is critical to go over your options and avoid falling behind and losing your license. If the state has taken away your driving privileges, do everything in your power to address unpaid child support and restore your license.


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