Previously married? Share your experience when discussing prenups

Signing a prenuptial agreement is a way for both spouses in a marriage to safeguard what matters most to them personally. Many people view prenups as signs of imminent divorce, but you can view the matter from a different perspective as a previously married individual.

Before you suddenly place a Pennsylvania premarital agreement before your spouse-to-be, take the time to share some experiences from your previous marriage. This will help your partner understand your concerns and can do much to smooth over the sensitive matter of signing a prenup.

You understand what does and does not work for you in a marriage

There are countless reasons why a marriage might come to an end. Perhaps you have experience with conflicting interests, a hostile partner, or simple incompatibility. These matters can then give rise to aggression, emotional trauma, and a loss of assets as a result of the divorce process. Your prenuptial agreement can protect against familiar issues and can ensure your financial independence if divorce does occur.

How a prenup can benefit your new marriage

By sharing your perspective on how a prenuptial agreement can make you feel more secure in your marriage, your soon-to-be spouse might come to understand how a prenup can benefit them as well. Two mature individuals who see eye-to-eye can come to the reasonable conclusion that such an agreement can safeguard their independence without compromising their feelings toward one another.

As a previously married individual, you likely understand that communication is an important part of marriage. While your new partner might panic at the first mention of a prenup, thoughtful communication can help the discussion go well.


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