3 common signs it might be time for divorce

Weighing whether your marriage is beyond repair or if there is enough in your partnership to try and salvage is mentally draining. You may have been facing a loveless relationship for some time or maybe you are just first noticing signs of significant struggle.

Recognizing familiar signs that you should consider divorcing your spouse may help you decide what to do as you move on with the next stage of your life.

1. You prioritize other relationships.

Of course, the relationships you have with your children, extended family, friends and coworkers are all important, but you should not give them your full attention over the needs of your marriage. Constantly making excuses to spend time with people other than your spouse is not customary in a healthy marriage.

2. Your future plans do not include them.

You might think about what life you could have in 10 or 20 years if you were no longer married to your spouse. If your fantasies about the future, such as going back to school, starting a new career or having more children, do not align with your spouse’s goals, this is a sign of incompatibility.

3. You constantly wonder about leaving.

A strong indicator that it is time to go is if the thought of divorcing your spouse feels scary, but you still would rather break up than stay in the marriage. Additionally, suppose you notice yourself still acting like you are not in a committed relationship and hanging out with singles at bars and clubs. In that case, you likely desire a different life.

Immediately jumping to the idea of divorce after a minor annoyance or thinking about living without your spouse after a fight shows more significant issues in your marriage.


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