What makes gray divorce complicated?

While most people do not imagine divorcing after a long marriage, it does happen. As you go through different phases in your life, you may find that you fell out of love with your spouse or you both have different goals.

Nowadays, more people seek divorce at 55 years old and over. While divorce can be a new beginning for many people, it also comes with its share of concerns. Gray divorce tends to present different problems than younger divorce.

Financial concerns

Finances are a significant concern for anyone who wants to divorce. After decades of marriage, you and your spouse may be accustomed to your income and lifestyle. In many cases, only one spouse earns the majority of the money. For instance, if one partner spent his or her adulthood as the homemaker and the other worked as the breadwinner, divorce can be more complicated. After all, at 55 plus, you may not want to start over with your career.

Gray divorce proceedings must figure spousal support into the calculations. You also have to consider health insurance, retirement funds and other savings accounts. After years of marriage, asset division takes more time and consideration.

Social concerns

Starting a new life can be a relief for a lot of people. However, you must keep your friends and family in mind. You and your spouse may share more friends because of your long marriage. Likewise, you may feel close to each other’s families. Try not to let your feelings towards each other affect your social life.

Additionally, if you have adult children, do not expect them to take the news easily. Adult children sometimes struggle more with the thought of their parents divorcing.


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