3 reasons to consider mediation for a gray divorce

Even after years of building a life together, change happens that may lead to divorcing as the best solution.

Research published by the National Library of Medicine indicates people 50 and over account for 36% of U.S. adults getting divorced. From reputations to finances, gray divorces may benefit from mediation.

1. Minimize stress and conflict

While a divorce happens for many reasons, it comes with additional complications for gray divorces. As both parties already face enough stress from being older, mediation offers a way for spouses to communicate and negotiate a fair end to the partnership. With a third-party mediator, conflicts can get avoided or resolved easier.

2. Keep costs down

Whether still planning for retirement or nearing it, finances play a key role in any adult’s life. Divorcing later in life adds to the financial concerns, making it imperative for couples to take a detailed approach to splitting assets. Additionally, mediation itself often keeps the divorce from getting overly costly as it minimizes time spent in court.

3. Speed up the process

Depending on the couple, a divorce may get drawn out for much longer than one would like. While a couple who cannot agree on anything may have to battle it out, those that want an amiable divorce can speed up the process via mediation. Instead of dealing with the courts for more than a year, mediation often means finalizing the end of the marriage within six months.

Divorce at any age comes with complications. For a gray divorce, those only increase, which makes finding an equitable solution more important than ever.


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