4 reasons a prenup may be right for you

Marriage is a significant life event, and it is important to consider all aspects to ensure a harmonious and secure union.

One option that couples may want to explore is a prenuptial agreement, often referred to as a prenup. While not everyone may need a prenup, there are certain situations in which it can be particularly beneficial.

1. Protecting individual assets

One compelling reason to consider a prenup is when one or both partners have substantial individual assets. If either person owns significant property, investments or businesses, a prenup can safeguard those assets from potential disputes in the event of a divorce. It can outline the separation of individual assets, ensuring they remain with their respective owners.

2. Unequal financial situations

Couples with disparities in their financial situations may also find a prenup advantageous. When one partner earns substantially more than the other, a prenup can define spousal support and financial responsibilities in a way that is fair to both parties.

3. Protecting family inheritances

When family inheritances are in the picture, a prenup is a valuable tool. It can establish the treatment of these assets during the marriage and in case of a divorce, preventing the potential commingling of inherited wealth with marital assets.

4. Prior marriages or children

Couples entering a second marriage or those with children from previous relationships might find prenups necessary to secure the financial futures of their children. It can address concerns about the distribution of assets and provide for the children’s well-being in case of divorce.

In a recent poll, 15% of married or engaged Americans signed a prenup. While discussing a prenup is not the most romantic part of wedding planning, it is a practical and proactive way to protect your financial interests.


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