Can you and your former spouse agree on alimony?

Alimony is one of the most common and contentious issues that arise during a divorce. Nonetheless, not all divorcing spouses disagree on this matter, and, at times, some want to settle the issue amicably to avoid prolonged and unnecessarily costly proceedings.

In this case, parties often wonder if they can agree and settle the terms of the alimony between themselves and without the court’s direct intervention.

Yes, you can decide on alimony terms on your own.

In Pennsylvania, divorcing spouses can agree on the terms of the alimony outside of court. This is possible through negotiation and mutual agreement, and the terms can be set out in a marital settlement agreement. If you and your former spouse wants to pursue this path, you must ensure that the alimony agreement is comprehensive and include details about the amount, duration and conditions of the alimony payments.

Your agreement is not final until the court approves.

While you and the other party have control over the terms of the agreement, the final settlement outcome is still subject to the court’s review and approval. This is to ensure that the terms are fair to both of you, and they comply with the laws. Once the court approves it, it will incorporate the alimony terms in the final divorce decree.

Take proactive steps.

Whether you want to settle alimony with your ex-spouse or let the court decide its terms for you, it is beneficial to work with a legal representative knowledgeable in the alimony process to ensure that you are receiving the best possible outcome in your situation. With proper legal guidance, you can receive the information you need and make informed decisions.


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