What are some unique aspects of a gray divorce?

When two older people plan to end their marriage, the resulting divorce is commonly known as gray divorce.

Going through a divorce later in life may seem intimidating at first, but knowing more about the unique differences between you and younger couples can help you make the best choices possible.

Planning for retirement

According to Psychology Today, one major life event that may come to mind is how you will handle retirement. Most couples plan ahead by saving money and preparing to move or live in a certain area after they both officially retire. Younger couples may not need to prepare as much as couples who are closer to retirement.

Reworking your original plans to accommodate this change can help you use your time and savings wisely. Some people may even choose to return to work in order to have a cash flow after a divorce.

Dealing with adult children

While younger couples may struggle to write parenting plans for their school-age children, talking to your adult children about your upcoming divorce may present a different issue. Your children may feel as if this split could force them to take sides, which can increase tension between you all.

Finding a quiet and calm time to discuss this topic and reassure your children that you will be alright is one way to prevent stress.

Connecting with others

For many older people, their spouse is their main social connection. After a divorce, spending time with friends or other family members can help you stay mentally healthy and avoid feeling isolated. Gray divorce can be a new time in your life and learning about ways to make the most of it is important.


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