Incarceration and other reasons to modify a child support order

If you owe child support, there are various reasons why you may have to modify your child support order. If you have recently experienced significant changes in your life that impact your finances and your ability to make child support payments on time, you could have the ability to reduce the amount of support that you owe.

Modifying a child support order could help you stay current on your obligations. After all, failing to pay child support can lead to harsh penalties, such as the loss of your license and contempt of court charges.

Situations when you can modify a child support order

The Pennsylvania Child Support Program outlines a number of situations when parents can request child support modification. For example, if you become incarcerated, you can request that the court modifies your child support order, which is crucial for many parents who cannot earn income and have difficulty paying support while behind bars.

Many other changes can necessitate child support modification as well, such as a child reaching 18 and graduating as well as significant changes with respect to childcare costs or medical coverage. In addition, changes related to child custody can also warrant a modification request.

Income changes and child support order modification

Whether your income changes as a result of a promotion, starting a new job, a reduction in your working hours or the termination of your position, these changes could make it necessary to modify your child support order. In addition, if the income of your child’s other parent changes significantly, this could also result in the modification of a child support order.


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