What is the impact of stress on children during a divorce?

As you and your ex-spouse begin your divorce, you may wonder what your children’s reactions mean during this stressful time. You may see them acting differently during your time together or struggling to adjust to new situations.

Learning about how stress and divorce impact children can help you choose the best methods of calming them.

Struggles in school

According to Psychology Today, one indication of stress is when your children start to show signs of problems with grades or friends that were not there before. This could mean they do not socialize like they used to with people in their age group, or it could mean they are acting out more during school hours.

Academic changes, such as falling grades or missed projects, are another sign of stress in a child’s life. Staying aware of what their teachers say during meetings or parent-teacher conferences can help you determine if you need to take action.

Increased amount of bad behavior

Some children may feel tempted to act out or behave badly in reaction to changes in their lives. This can take the form of temper tantrums or a sudden increase in fights with you. This defiant streak in your child’s personality may indicate that they need extra attention or care during the divorce process.

Different eating habits

If you notice your children struggling to eat a full meal or overeating at random times, it could be a sign of lasting stress changing their eating habits. A difference in body weight can be normal, but staying aware of how daily life is impacting them can help you make the best choices possible during a divorce.


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